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Routers: Having access to broadband internet connection is an absolute necessity for home and small businesses. To top it off, having wireless internet connection to Broadband internet makes life easier. Thanks to Router inventor.Router is a path way provider for your all your internet connections. It transmits internet connection within a specific circle distance so that like smart phone or any other devices which supports internet will be able to pick up the signal within the range. Alternatively it is also has an option for hard wired connectivity for a desktop computer or a laptop and normally it comes with 4 ports-called Ethernet ports. With the help of Router you are able to control or customize the unseen internet transmission such a way that you want to connected to. Router forwards data packets between internet supported devices in the form of such as webpage, email, signal and so many ways until it reaches to other destination IP.
Range Extender or network Booster: Booster is a network adaptor that can pick up network signal from a Router and then transmit the wireless internet connection to longer distance. That means though you may be far away from your router you still get internet access from your router with the same internet speed.

Common Issue: It has been more than a decade of innovations; we think that the standard wireless router or range Extender would be a picture-perfect product by now. The Answer is No. While many Routers comes with rich features, that can make life a lot harder and is annoying some time, such as confounding or complicate setups. All the routers and range extenders needs simple care and some maintenance time to time to make sure it deliver proper network flows. There are numbers of involuntary integrated parts in it which allows you to surf internet on regular basis and with regular usage of internet it piles up cache on your router or browsers or on your devices like computer, tablet and phone in the form usages history. The more the usage history the more is space occupied. If the space in your devices gets congested, of course that will affect the functionality on your devices like unable to resume the function after shut down due to power cut or for whatsoever reason. It is mandatory to clear off the cache o usage history sometimes. Being said that we are here on 24*7 services round the clock with years of experienced engineers for the same issues. We are available online and onsite support for home router and small businesses router according to your conveniences. We recommend take assistance from an expert do not operate by your own because if you are not familiar with all the settings you have on your router or range extender, you are going to lose your internet connection and consequently, that will be a big challenge even for an expert.

Tips for your Router: Do not reset router in case of if you are not familiar with all the settings. Resetting router may wipe out all the current settings and you won’t have internet access too.
Solid orange light on your router: It means your Router has gone bad.


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